tag namev0.4.3 (11b61c0d8834d7c86fc2a14c8413160717bbd41d)
tag date2020-10-16 16:47:20 +1000
tagged byPaul W. Rankin <pwr@skeletons.cc>
tagged objectcommit 8d479f1ad0...
Version 0.4.3
- Use file-relative-name for binder-file-relative-to-root -- this will set a fileid outside of the project directory as a relative path instead of absolute - Add faces binder-sidebar and binder-notes with face remap to default - Quit and kill binder side windows in all frames on quit - Remove call to hack-local-variables from binder-sidebar-refresh, as this can cause a segfault - Make safer use of set-transient-map - Add hints for clearing sidebar tag filters (g key) - Add binder-theme.el to contrib/ - Small imporvements to tutorial - Track known issues with FIXME comments in source - Stipulate acknowledgement of Scrivener in redistribution terms - Update email, and upstream URL to https://git.skeletons.cc/binder - Update repository for portability (add a screenshot, no more relying on GitHub stuff) -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQEzBAABCAAdFiEESwxlRd4c2Nakl/iPzMlHHVnh70MFAl+JQfgACgkQzMlHHVnh 70OXRQf+O7SThO9Qe4QSY3LQ0qlywvRBYmfOSwVTlbhJStm5/AoPE3KYEbC5Flj/ wCFo4Ep6BbivqDquLbXLLAwjIVzlGrXIoz3sN7dAgE4wXSE2HlS7QJO+MSRAP+Nr cuocVlQ2SyjhFFljDLIYCKaLVp3q1pBs3ogfC26zQs0CTr09TQ3uYR4HK0CralIN EYhdh+szZShc7kTVwS2UlgQt8iQcyOZZG8zMn2mmIHb7mFdkIpYoiOsXz0gOPw+y WnTVOZVd6/x40aMfBoUk5Ydutv7MYXx05XKf2/Q4aZxj9GRFPFi8mBb72LeLSTYJ m5BMbWk9HtBHgf7DqnHlvWEEsNXTyw== =VQX1 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----